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Working to make the world a better place is a journey Jerome started as a frequent volunteer in Nashville, TN.

His community work progressed by establishing relationships with respected community-based organizations, such as Salvation Army, The Contributor, and Soles4Souls. These relationships provided him a hands-on experience in areas like education, homelessness, and conservation problem solving and development.

As a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, Jerome was able to cultivate similar activities while serving others in an international setting, simultaneously sharpening his ability to communicate in Spanish. Unfortunately, Jerome was unable to complete his Peace Corps service, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing other opportunities to help others aboard.

Accordingly, with those experiences Jerome found his purpose in which he could leave a personal impact on the world. This purpose is DIY Community Changers.

Throughout Jerome’s travels he learned, A few can change the community of many!

Through his purpose he knows he can influence and inspire others that they too, can change their community.